About The Left

The Left is the largest grouping within the Queensland branch of the Australian Labor Party, with Regional Left Branches across the state. We are a democratic socialist group. The Left believes our progressive values should be at the core of our engagement with the Australian Labor Party.

Our values:

Social justice 

We believe in fairness, social justice, respect, dignity and equality for all.


We actively promote diversity in political representation and the party organisation.


We participate in, and influence, decision-making and structures in the ALP in a positive, collaborative and progressive manner.

Policy development          

We are committed to the development of credible and future-focussed policy, that promotes economic development, social equality, ecological sustainability, and sustainable communities.

Union involvement 

We understand that the ALP is, and always should be, a Party of the Trade Union Movement. We share common values and purpose with the Trade Union Movement to build better lives for workers and their families.

Inclusion and activity

We foster a culture and internal political process that respects, empowers, involves and values members throughout Queensland, and which encourages the participation and development of all according to their interest and ability.


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  • commented 2017-03-09 14:12:13 +1000
    I will not be able to attend tonights left meeting brisbane as there looks as though there will be a thunder storm down that way and I can not get wet or ill because of it sorry will try to get to next meeting yours sincerely julie savage
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