The Left Congratulates Council Candidates - Jeanette Temperley

On March 19th 2016 Queensland went to the polls to vote in local government elections.  Right across the state, members of the Left put their hand up to represent the people in their local community and progress our agenda. Continue reading

Young and Green?

The recent loss of the Gabba ward to the Greens must serve as a wake up call to the ALP in Queensland. While the loss of a Brisbane City Council seat may seem a small concession it is emblematic of a broader problem – a cultural shift by young voters away from the Labor Party and to the Greens. A succession of conservative policy decisions and a failure to interact proactively with millennials have lead us to this position and if we don’t act now we face a generation of entrenched Greens voters.  Continue reading

Turnbull: All Talk on Marriage Equality - Nick Thompson

Turnbull’s lost nerve & a taste of what’s to come for the LGBTIQ community. For many in the LGBTIQ community a collective sigh of relief was exhaled when Turnbull and his motley crew dealt with Abbott.  Hope for a future where Australia caught up with most western liberal democracies and even the U.S on the issue of marriage equality was short lived.  Continue reading

The Heart of Our Agenda - Our Plan for Housing and Public Works - Mick de Brenni

I know that the Housing and Public Works portfolio  is at the heart of delivering a progressive Labor agenda in our state. Every Queenslander understands the importance of a place to call home.  Shelter is our most basic need. Without a roof over your head, little else matters.  Continue reading

Young Labor Left: Leading the Way

The Young Left is running on a ticket focused on progressive change and real policy action for young people at the QYL Conference. Scarlett Squire is the Left’s candidate for President on the Empower ticket. If successful, she will also be the first woman President of QYL this decade.  Continue reading

Improving the Lives of Queenslanders - Coralee O'Rourke

I am incredibly pleased to update Left members about what we are doing as a Labor Government to improve the lives of Queenslanders – whether it is those with disability, seniors or North Queenslanders. It is a really exciting time for people with disability, with the early launch of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) now underway in North Queensland – delivering on one of our key election commitments. Continue reading

Building the Solar State - Mark Bailey

Queensland’s renewable energy future is taking shape under the Palaszczuk Labor Government. We’ve made it a priority to unlock our potential and establish Queensland as a renewable energy leader by kick-starting a large-scale renewable energy industry for the first time in Queensland - to act on climate change, create jobs of the future and continue to boost investment.  Continue reading

Affirmative Action Update - Kate Luke

The 2015 Queensland State Conference saw significant changes to our Affirmative Action rule that will likely affect upcoming preselections. Left members need to understand these changes and how they will work in practice to make sure we continue to support, and elect left women into parliament.  As the Left, we must continue to be at the forefront of promoting and encouraging women to run for representative office.   Continue reading

Save Our Weekend Campaign

Weekends still mean something in Australia. A night out with friends, catching a match or playing with your kids. But for the people who serve us in restaurants and shops, care for our elderly and attend patients in our ambulances, weekends are another workday. Continue reading

Left Members Get a Greater Say - Julie-Ann Campbell

The democratisation of our party has been a long time coming. After many years of hard fought debate, the Left has been instrumental in securing a greater voice for branch members in preselections, on policy bodies and in leadership selection. Internally, the Left has always boasted the most democratic processes for plebiscites and governance - but we continually strive to improve. That’s why the Left has embarked upon  rules reform that will result in Left members having a greater say. Continue reading