RTBU: It’s time for bold policy

If you’re a progressive unionist and party member, it’s a good time to be in the fight – despite the challenges we face.   Continue reading

Labor Enabled – Smashing Barriers

Two years ago, I was standing on a street stall with Terri Butler MP spruiking the credentials of our Member for Griffith. An articulate young woman with a cognitive impairment approached us and raised questions around policy for people with a disability. Many of the issues we talked about were universal to many of us with a disability and although our discussion was brief, it stayed with me. Continue reading

AMIEU: Union win in Mareeba

The AMIEU has had some recent success in securing employment opportunities for workers in the Mareeba area.  Mareeba Poultry, operated by the Baiada group, has been a source of ongoing complaints by locals unable to secure work there.  There was no shortage of available work, but the company had preferred to engage temporary (417 ‘backpacker visa’) workers through labour hire arrangements.  The employer claimed, implausibly, that either locals did not want work in the factory, or were ‘not suitable’ for the industry.    Continue reading

Driving the progressive policy agenda of Queensland Labor Governments

Albo recently said that the fundamental difference between us and the Tories is that the Tories have no concept of how important government is in people’s lives. Tories just don’t get the vital role of government in healthcare, education, transport and properly paid secure work. But we get it – health, education, jobs – this is what Labor Governments are all about.   Continue reading

Real Voices for Working People

It’s fantastic to be having State Conference in my backyard this year- hearing the real voices of the working class is what The Left does best and there will be some great conversations had this weekend. For those of you visiting I’d definitely recommend grabbing a coffee at Jam Corner or sampling our famous hospitality on Palmer Street. Continue reading

The comradery of Queensland Firefighters

You may remember that during the Newman LNP years, Queensland’s firefighters faced direct and unrelenting attacks in an ideological war to privatise the fire service. The UFUQ has a membership density of close to 99% of QFES professional firefighters, and at no time in recent history have the members been stronger and more united than during the term of the LNP Newman government. Continue reading

On the ground in Townsville

I’ve been the member for Thuringowa for two and a half years, but have been fighting for Townsville for close to 30. As a proud United Voice State Delegate and Member for over 27 years in the Queensland Ambulance Service, I fought with the community and fellow Officers to increase staffing, vehicles and equipment. Continue reading

The 2017 Budget was a huge disappointment in Regional Queensland

The Turnbull Government’s 2017 Budget was a huge disappointment for North Queensland and particularly for the people in the Hebert electorate. The Budget delivered nothing for the regions in terms of infrastructure projects, funding or support for the vital issues of water, energy and jobs, which are critical to the future growth and development of the Herbert electorate. Continue reading

The Left Congratulates Council Candidates - Jeanette Temperley

On March 19th 2016 Queensland went to the polls to vote in local government elections.  Right across the state, members of the Left put their hand up to represent the people in their local community and progress our agenda. Continue reading

Young and Green?

The recent loss of the Gabba ward to the Greens must serve as a wake up call to the ALP in Queensland. While the loss of a Brisbane City Council seat may seem a small concession it is emblematic of a broader problem – a cultural shift by young voters away from the Labor Party and to the Greens. A succession of conservative policy decisions and a failure to interact proactively with millennials have lead us to this position and if we don’t act now we face a generation of entrenched Greens voters.  Continue reading