Left Members Get a Greater Say - Julie-Ann Campbell

The democratisation of our party has been a long time coming. After many years of hard fought debate, the Left has been instrumental in securing a greater voice for branch members in preselections, on policy bodies and in leadership selection.

Internally, the Left has always boasted the most democratic processes for plebiscites and governance - but we continually strive to improve. That’s why the Left has embarked upon  rules reform that will result in Left members having a greater say.

Earlier this year, the Left Executive endorsed a change to our rules. That rule change means that local branch members will have a greater say in the selection of Left candidates to contest ALP preselections.


In essence, for all future plebiscites for public office, this rules reform will result in:


Left branch members having a greater say;


Left unions and branch members having a vote proportionate to our representation on the floor of state conference; and


The more Left branch members in a local area, the greater collective say they will have.


Following the circulation of this rules reform to all members, the new rule is now in effect.


The Left has always celebrated the contributions of Left Branch Members and Left Unions as two equally important parts of our group.


This rule change reflects the Left’s fundamental belief that branch members and unions both have a vital role to play in furthering our progressive agenda together.


Ensuring our rules reflect our Left values is integral to our growth and ability achieve real progressive policy change within the ALP.

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