Driving the progressive policy agenda of Queensland Labor Governments

Albo recently said that the fundamental difference between us and the Tories is that the Tories have no concept of how important government is in people’s lives. Tories just don’t get the vital role of government in healthcare, education, transport and properly paid secure work. But we get it – health, education, jobs – this is what Labor Governments are all about.


 The Queensland Labor Policy Platform articulates our values and the work of Labor when in Government. Each year it is reviewed, amended and endorsed by State Conference as facilitated by the Policy Coordination Council (PCC).

As Chair of the Policy Coordination Council I have been thrilled to see so many Left members driving an ever more progressive Policy Platform.

Left members are ensuring the Platform reflects our ideals around making the economy and industrial relations fairer. From a focus on removing barriers and creating opportunities for people with a disability to actively participate in our economy, to committing Queensland Labor in Government to keep State Award penalty rates irrespective of Fair Work or Turnbull’s attack on workers take home pay.

Left members are also ensuring our Policy Platform reaffirms Queensland Labor’s commitment to a just transition to a cleaner energy future. And that investment in renewable energy returns two fold to Queenslanders who will, only under a progressive Labor Government, own its production.

And under the leadership and drive of Left Labor Women, the Platform reaffirms that a newly elected Labor Government will actively pursue the decriminalisation of abortion in Queensland – finally giving Queensland women agency over their own bodies.

I thank all our Left Members who have been active in the policy development process for this year’s State Conference and I now implore all Left delegates to back in this hard work on Conference floor. 

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  • commented 2017-07-28 13:26:52 +1000
    Great work Jo Briskey and great article – we need to continue to fight for our Progressive Policy Agenda. Thanks for your leadership and all the great work by all the leading Women of The Left Qld in driving progressive policy change this year! :)