Real Voices for Working People

It’s fantastic to be having State Conference in my backyard this year- hearing the real voices of the working class is what The Left does best and there will be some great conversations had this weekend. For those of you visiting I’d definitely recommend grabbing a coffee at Jam Corner or sampling our famous hospitality on Palmer Street.

The Queensland political landscape has changed tremendously since Labor has come into government, gone are the days of mass sackings, asset sales and FIFO across the regions. Before I became an MP communities would groan at the mention of regional projects, as it simply meant more opportunities for fly-in fly-out workers from the South East with locals not getting a look in. By the beginning of 2015 regional communities had been almost completely wiped out by the last government, particularly in the North.

We’ve spent the past few years rebuilding our communities brick by brick, job by job. The 2017 Budget continues to put jobs front and centre. We have funded projects that invest in the people of the regions- we’ve given 5500 jobseekers secure employment through our Back to Work program alone.

As we draw closer to an election we can look back and see that we have created a clear path moving forward for all Queenslanders.

I’ve worked closely with my Cabinet colleagues to implement an energy secure future for North Queensland, something the LNP never prioritised. The Left is setting the standard in this Government and across stats with renewables projects and reducing carbon emissions. Soon North Queensland will have its own energy hub, and a hydro power station that will contribute to our 50% renewable energy generation by 2030.

Having State Conference in Townsville this year acknowledges our regional North Queensland members, and gives them an opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas and participate in this Government process.


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