Save Our Weekend Campaign

Weekends still mean something in Australia. A night out with friends, catching a match or playing with your kids. But for the people who serve us in restaurants and shops, care for our elderly and attend patients in our ambulances, weekends are another workday.

Weekend rates are compensation for working when everyone else is relaxing and enjoying time with family and friends. Getting rid of weekend rates would mean a sudden pay cut to workers who can’t afford it, and don’t deserve it.


With weekend rates under threat, we need to come together to Save our Weekend.


The Productivity Commission has recommended Sunday rates be cut to Saturday levels for retail and hospitality workers and we know the current Federal Government will try and do whatever it can to make it easier for big business to erode workers’ rights.


It’s one of the few topics where the two major parties have very different positions. The Turnbull Liberal Government wants to cut weekend rates and is doing everything they can to support big business lobby groups to justify their case. The Labor party is emphatically on record for keeping weekend rates in workers’ pay.


We all know Australians love our weekends and we appreciate the people who have to work them.


The more people who know about this issue, the better our chance of convincing the decision-makers that weekend rates are too important to mess with.


Head to for resources and more information to spread the word.

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