The Left Congratulates Council Candidates - Jeanette Temperley

On March 19th 2016 Queensland went to the polls to vote in local government elections.  Right across the state, members of the Left put their hand up to represent the people in their local community and progress our agenda.

Right across the regions we saw Left candidates run very successful campaigns while several others came painfully close.


The endorsed Brisbane City Council candidates also ran amazing campaigns.  Our Left candidates and their teams worked incredibly hard, on their own ward campaigns, as well as alongside Rod Harding for Mayor.  The overall end result was of course disappointing but we should acknowledge and applaud our efforts and successes:


Keeping  our two held councillor positions

The election of Peter Cumming as Leader of the Opposition

The massive effort of our candidates that came so close or managed to drastically reduce the margin in their area

The many Left members that made calls, doorknocked or volunteered to help our candidates in any way.




A review into the Campaign, to which several candidates and Left members have already made submissions, is currently underway. If you would like to have a say please contact me at

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