Turnbull: All Talk on Marriage Equality - Nick Thompson

Turnbull’s lost nerve & a taste of what’s to come for the LGBTIQ community.

For many in the LGBTIQ community a collective sigh of relief was exhaled when Turnbull and his motley crew dealt with Abbott.  Hope for a future where Australia caught up with most western liberal democracies and even the U.S on the issue of marriage equality was short lived. 

Turnbull echoed the same nonsensical position of a plebiscite that Abbott engineered.  A plebiscite that individual LNP politicians won’t respect, refuse to commit to a timetable on and want discrimination and vilification laws lifted so they can say, well, vilifying and discriminatory things.


What might that look like? Lets take a look at the ‘Safe School’s’ program for example.  The usual suspects in the LNP trotted out their ‘concerns’ for the program, set up to support LGBTIQ teenagers and children.


Young people who more often than not are likely to be bullied, self harm, drop out of school and end up homeless. In spite of this evidence and the programs goal of making the educational environment safe for young people the conservative crusaders in the LNP decided it needed to be stopped for its threat to the family unit and that’s just the mild version.


In the words of Senator Bernardi who previously compared same sex relationships to that of relations with animals and paedophiles, said that safe schools was, ‘enabling children to find out about, bondage clubs and adult sex toys.’ George Christianson linked the program of course to the conservative’s favourite comparison whenever LGBTIQ equality and inclusion is discussed, paedophilia. 


This is what the hard right in the LNP says about a child focused program designed to educate and support vulnerable young people.


It’s clear from this language that a drawn out plebiscite where its adults that can be denigrated not kids, that the LGBTIQ community will of course again have to contend with being compared to child molesters and bestiality in a nasty protracted expensive debate that we know we’ve already won. 


All the while our supposedly friendly PM looks on awkwardly declaring himself a supporter of the LGBTIQ community unable to deal the rabid hate spewing out of his parliamentary team. 


The race to the bottom for the most outrageous slippery slope argument the LNP can find about same sex couples and Transgender people is the LNP’s new modes operandi.


For LGBTIQ people who expect more from their political representatives than being compared to child molesters the fight to win the next federal election takes on a new sense of urgency.

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